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KhairunNisa Kholidin ;)
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Monday, 11 July 2011

You guess what . I'm telling you , WHY we don't had enough time to study :)

 Why don't we have enough time to study ?

During the year we have 365 days to study. Out of them 52 are Sundays so that leaves us
within 313 days. During spring due to the good weather it's hard to concentrate on homework.
Minus 50 days, now only 263 left. Usually a person sleep 8 hours which is 122 days in total.
Now only 141 days left to study. All of us spend at least 1 hour doing something we like
(hobbies), that 's minus another 15 days. 126 days left. Everyday we spend at least 2 hours to
eating. Minus 30 days, 96 days left to study. During the year, 90 days out of it we spend
outside. That leave us with 6 days. Every person is sick at least 3 times a year,minus 3 days.
Everyone who has a pet at home spends 20 minutes feeding or walking the animal. Which is 2
days. That leaves us with 1 days and that's our birthday !

Now you understand why don't we have enough time to study ?
Hehehe . Better you keep think about it . So , GO STUDY NOW . *Me too . Haha :D
*Just copy from ***** .
I like it , so Thanks ;)

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